A Short Trip to Death Valley

Late March, 2003

On the way to Death Valley, we drove through Owens Valley. This is a shot of Owens Lake. Its draining was the background of the Jack Nicholson movie Chinatown.

Clearly no water here now.

Within the park, one of the early stops is "Father Crowley's Overlook." Not much of a place to hike or climb, but a great looking gorge.

 ""Dante's View" is a point about 5,475 feet above sea level. As we look down here, we see "Badwater," which is 280 feet below sea level.

"From the previous view to this: "Badwater" at ground level. Rough, dirty salt flats. The lowest point in the Western Hemisphere.

At the end of the "Golden Canyon," you find a structure called the "Red Cathedral."

This is one of the many side canyons off the "Golden Canyon."

"Scotty's Castle" was originally constructed as "Death Valley Ranch" by Albert Johnson in the 1920's. Johnson believed that the dry location vastly extended his asthmatic life.

This view is from the carillon tower.

The carillon tower is visible in this view through the central plaza of the home.

Not far from "Scotty's Castle," you find the "Ubehebe Crater." The winds at the edge are awesome, and looking into this 600-foot deep pit takes your breath away.

This volcano was active about 3,000 years ago.

"Mosaic Canyon" is a short, skinny, twisty canyon just outside of the Stovepipe Wells community.

Finally, if you ever heard of "Death Valley Days" on (black and white) television, you have heard of the twenty-mule trains. They hauled partially refined borax in cars like these to the nearest rail head, 165 miles away from the New Harmony Borax Works.