The Spring 2004 Trip to Europe

Part 3 - Eastern Netherlands

Nijmegen Chapel
While Nijmegen dates to the Roman times, this chapel was probably constructed during Charlemagne's reign.  It sits on a high bluff overlooking the Waal River, the Dutch continuation of the Rhine.  This part of the Netherlands actually has hills!
Nijmegen Street
In Nijmegen, this is St. Stephen's Church.  Its tower dominates the landscape.
Arnhem Cemetary
Arnhem was the site of The Bridge Too Far, a film most of us have seen.  In this part of the Netherlands, the name of Field Marshal Montgomery is always accompanied by a sneer, because his "Operation Market Garden" was such a catastrophe, resulting in thousands of Allied casualties and serious Nazi retaliation on the locals.  This cemetery, one of several, is the Airborne Cemetery, where nearly 2,000 British paratroopers are buried.
Kroller-Muller Sculpture Garden
Near Arnhem, the Kroller-Muller family had a huge estate, and they were avid art collectors.  They were particularly avid about Dutch modern work, so their collection includes dozens of works by Vincent Van Gogh and a good number of Mondrians as well.  The Sculpture Garden is extensive and spectacular.
Janet outside Kroller Muller Museum Here, near the entrance to the Kroller-Muller Museum, we find Janet with a friend.
Zutphen from Outside the wall
Zutphen was one of our favorite cities.  It was a Hanseatic trading town, and it was walled.  We are standing outside the city wall, near the Ijssel River.
Zutphen Wall and Canal
Here we have another fragment of the Zutphen city wall, this time spanning a canal that connects to the Ijssel.
Flowers at Zutphen Market
The core of Zutphen is a series of three markets.  This flower seller is in the Groenmarkt.
Hurdy-gurdy in Zutphen
Much of Zutphen's center is limited to pedestrian traffic.  However, this hurdy-gurdy gets away with breaking that rule.  Of course it is pulled by hand, so maybe that is OK.  It was loud, rowdy, distracting and fun.
Scales in Deventer
Deventer was another Hanseatic trading city on the Ijssel River.  All of these trading cities had an official weighing station near the old center of the town.  This is the Deventer Weg.  Zutphen had one, too.
Chirch in Deventer
This church, on a hill in Deventer, was the site of an art exhibition.  Unfortunately, one member of our party couldn't resist using his camera, so he had to wait outside.  (It wasn't me.)
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