Grandchildren’s Pictures


Megan at CMU

On May 21, Megan graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with all sorts of honors!


80 th Birthday

Will, Cy and Megan all came to Healdsburg to celebrate Grand Dad's 80th Birthday


Will, Janet and Megan

Will, Janet and Megan after a Cajun lunch in Houston

Cy and LaBrea

This is a poignant picture, Cy with LaBrea, his 18-year-old cat.  Just hours later, LaBrea was dead.


Cy in Kos

This is Cy in Kos, Turkey.  He is really well traveled.

Will in California

Will got his traveling in, too.  He was at Disneyland as part of his visiting his California girl friend.

Megan at Halloween

Megan celebrated Halloween in Pittsburgh, at Carnegie Mellon University.


Will with camera

Will was sort of in the background while Megan celebrated her high school graduation.

Time Capsule

As part of celebrating her graduation, Megan got to open a time capsule she had prepared in kindergarten.

Cy at Exploratorium

Here we have Cy at the Exploratorium in San Francisco.


Will on Christmas Eve

Will on the day before Christmas, 2012


Megan on the same day.

Megan in action with the Houston Youth Symphony (3:42 video)

Cy looking out.

Cy only slightly making a face.


Will in Hawaii

Will at A Bay, on the Kona Coast

Megan in Hawaii

Megan at the edge of A Bay

Cy in Hawaii

Cy found a friend at the Place of Refuge


Megan playing the soloist's part from Mozart's 3rd Horn Concerto.

Will at Junior's Smokehouse

June 5 was Will's day.  He graduated from high school as a member of the National Honor Society.  This celebration was at Junior's Smokehouse, Hempstead, TX.
Cy trying some furniture

Cy trying out a chair that is too big to imagine.


Mothers' Day, 2009

We all got together in Round Top, Texas for Mothers' Day.  Will, Cy and Megan.

Cy in CappadociaCy in San Jose

Here we have Cy in Cappadocia on the left, and in San Jose on the right.  He got around in 2009!

Cy Flies

While he was visiting here, Cy got to fly in the iFly Silicon Valley wind tunnel.


Megan and Will in Round TopCy and his art

Cy in Round Top
Mothers' Day in Round Top, TX with Will, Megan and Cy.


Cy at HomeWill in Alaska

On the left, we have Cy at home, but on the right, Will is in Alaska.  Part of our land and sea tour.

Megan and Doug in AlaskaWe ride the Alaskan train

We traveled by ship, bus and train during the 2007 trip to Alaska.


Cy at Erin's WeddingCy at the Beach

Cy's aunt, Erin, got married in Charleston, S. C.  Cy enjoys the beach more than dressing up.

In the summer, we were joined by Will and Megan in a trip to Copper Canyon, in Mexico. This was an intergenerational tour arranged by Elderhostel. One of the highlights was the Copper Canyon Train.
Fort Davis

We started in Fort Davis, in south west Texas.

Aboard the Train

Megan found a friend very quickly.  They were almost inseparable.

At the Canyon

At the edge of Copper Canyon.
Cy in a TreeMegan in Austin

Will at the Computer

Later in 2006, everyone got together in Austin for Thanksgiving.


Will at ChristmasCy at ChristmasMegan at Christmas

In 2005, everyone was at our house for Christmas.  Will, Cy and Megan and all their respective parents.

Cy at the Discovery MuseumWill aboard USS HornetCy at Kelly Park

While in San Jose, the kids saw the sights.  Childrens' Discovery Museum, USS Hornet and Kelly Park, where a funhouse mirror surprises Cy.


This is the newest grandchild, Cy Strain-Seymour, sleeping at less than a week old.

The same guy, same week, but eyes open!

Here is Cy, six months old, inspecting the damage from Hurricane Charley.

Thanksgiving in Houston

Later in 2004, everyone got together in Houston for Thanksgiving!


Lovers Point in Pacific GroveMegan at Lovers Point

We hosted Will, Megan and thier parents in California.  It was really cold in the rocks at Lovers Point in Pacific Grove.

Santa Cruz

But pretty comfortable in Santa Cruz.

San Francisco Fire Truck

Those warm coats really felt good as the firetruck tour took us across the Golden Gate Bridge.


In March of 2002, we visited Houston.  Here we have Will and Megan at their Science Museum.

This is how Megan shops.


And this is how Will shops.






This is Will on August 1, 2000. He is busy repairing a carousel toy that his sister, in all innocence, disassembled.








And here is Megan on the same day, and she is getting ready for a trip!







Megan and Will in front of their new home in Tomball. This was taken during January of 2000.