An Adventure at Yellowstone

With Cy from July 21 to July 26, 2013

This adventure was organized by Road Scholar, and our group was 14 kids and 18 grandparents.  This is  one of ther intergenrational tours.  A lot of its success was due to a very engaging naturalist, Denise Wade.

In West Yellowstone, MT, we visited the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center.  These are cubs, 500  pound cubs, playing.Grizzly Habitat
All the kids on this trip were between 8 and 11 years old, and they are posed just before entering the Grizzly Discovery Center.Guests at Habitat
With the bears carefully locked in their dens, all the kids went through the compound and hid grizzly bear food, so the bears could come out later and find it.Hiding Grizzly Food
All around the town of West Yellowstone, we saw painted sculptures of bison, painted.  This is just like the shark sculptures in San Jose and hearts in San Francisco.Painted Bison
Inside Yellowstone Park, the vistas are impressive. Along the Madison River
And the geysers are even more impressive.  Here we have two geysers erupting simultaneously.  The Morning Geyser is on the left, and theFountain Geyser is on the right. Morning and Fountain Geysers
If not geysers, then fumaroles.  They just sit there and steam.Fumerole
Boiling hot springs sometimes look like a beautiful blue swimming pool, but they are far too hot for even testing..Boiling spring
Yellowstone is famous for its thermophilic bacteria.  The different colors are indicative of the different water temperatures and pH values.Thermophilic bacteria
One big activity was kayaking.  Cy is in the center, and everyone is choosing their boats for a one hour paddle along the shore of  Lake Yellowstone.  Lake Yellowstone is reminiscent of Lake Tahoe, but without  all the development along the shore.  Geysers, yes; mansions, no.

Oh yes, after sandwiches and splashing on the beach, it was another paddle back.
Lake Yellowstone
Of course, we had to watch Old Faithful.Old Faithful
Our West Yellowstone Lodge didn't really compare with Old Faithful Inn.  Maybe next time.Old Faithful Lodge
Across a geyser field from Old Faithful, the Castle Geyser honored us with a show that went on for 10 or 15 minutes.  Old Faithful didn't have anything like that much stamina.Castle Geyser
The only elk I saw were in the distance, but one came within feet of the bus while Cy and I were hiking the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.Grazing elk
The Madison River proved a perfect mirror on Wednesday morning.Madison River
Another geyser field, this time Porcelain Basin.  Dozens of geysers of all sizes and shapes.Porceline Valley
Our intrepid hikers at Porcelain Basin.Tourists at Porceline Valley
In Hayden Valley the buffalo still roam.  Lots of cows and calves in the distance while this old bull walks down the road.Bison
From Artist's Point, you can look up the Grand Canyon  of the Yellowstone River, accented by the Lower Falls, 308 feet high.  That is about twice the drop of Niagara Falls, butthese falls are only one tenth as wide as Niagara. Lower Falls on the Yellowstone
Another view of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.  Very colorful and articulated.Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
We hiked the rim of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone from below the Lower Falls to above the Upper Falls, and a rest break was clearly welcome.A rest on the trail
A closer view of the Lower Falls of the Yellowstone.Lower Falls of the Yellowstone
The Upper Falls are only 108 feet, but very spectacular because we got within a few feet of the precipice.Upper Falls of the Yellowstone
Cy found Gabe as a friend on the first day.Cy and Gabe
Finally, back to the Madison River.  Every slide show has to end with a sunset.  What you are not seeing are my forays into mountain bike riding and horse riding.  Be glad.Sunset
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