Wedding in Minnesota

On August 23, 2008, Amy and Toph got married in a north suburb of Minneapolis.  The pictures below were taken at the reception, with some emphasis on the relatives that we don't get to see very often.

These two were the whole reason for the party!  Amy and Christopher, and he generally goes by the shortened version, Toph.
Bride and Groom
Janet's brother Ken, with the beard, is the father of the groom, and Shari at the left is Toph's mother.  The picture is rounded out by Janet and Bob.
Shari, Ken, Janet, Bob
If you can't have fun at your own wedding reception, there is really something wrong!
Bride and Groom
These folks are all tied together by being related to Shari, the groom's mother.  Janet, Shari, Todd, Lori, Brad, Kali, Bill and Ken.
Shari's family
Kali, Lori and Kelsey.  Lori is Toph's sister.
Kailey, Lori and Kelsey
Ah yes, the reception is an opportunity for all these congratulatory talks.  Amy's father, Monty, noted that her new surname will be shorter than the name he had given her.
As the Best Man, Nathan also had speaking obligation!
Best Man
And Kristen, the Maid of Honor speaks!
Maid of Honor
Amy's grandfather and his wife set a great example.  They celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary just a couple of weeks before Amy's wedding day.
On the other side of the aisle, we have Christopher's grandmother.
Tophe's grandmother
The girls are all dressed alike, because they had major roles as flower girls and flower maidens.  Here they are watching a video that showed Amy and Toph from baby pictures through this day.
The girls
A change of clothes, and the couple is ready to take off for their honeymoon.
Ready to go
Whoever was in charge of security for the car was either negligent or corrupted.  Why does it always happen that way?
The car
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