Wedding in Prague


Here they are! Ian and Ellen walking through the passageways in the Old City Hall, just before the ceremony. The whole effect, clothes, car and all, was meant to have a period look. What period? The thirties, maybe.

Before the actual ceremony, there was paperwork. Here the Prague City Clerk and a translator lead Ian and Ellen through the documentation that make the wedding legal in both the Czech Republic and the United States.

As the father of the bride, I was a little reluctant to take pictures during the ceremony, but here Ellen and Ian emerge from City Hall, immediately beside the Clock Tower.

Why is this moment so somber? Peggy, Ellen, Ian and Janet outside City Hall. Peggy was witness, matron of honor and general helper.

To everyone's surprise, the woman in fur stepped up and joined the pictures. She left after her husband got some snapshots. Later we found out that she is a tourist from Venice. Obviously enjoying a real Czech wedding.