Wedding in Prague


Since Prague is a major destination for New Year's celebrants, Old Town Square was really full on this last Saturday before the New Year. The balloon vendor supplies a colorful backdrop for all our fun.

This is the car that brought Ellen, her sister and mother to the wedding, drawing stares all the way. I believe it is a 1934, Czech built, Tatra 75.

And look at the crowd when Ellen and Ian finally get in the car to leave! Part of the attraction was the astronomical clock; it was about to go through its 1:00 PM performance.

After the ceremony, we all got together for a celebration meal on the other side of the Vltave River, better known here by its German name, the Moldau. Of course we didn't drive across the Charles Bridge, shown here; it's only for pedestrians. The restaurant, U Maliru, is just to the left of the far end of the bridge, but not really visible from here.

We arrived at the U Maliru at about 1:15 and finished out meal at about 6:15. This is supposed to be one of the best French restaurants in Prague, but even in Paris, five hours is a long time for a meal. I suppose it worked out to about an hour per course.

Afterwards, the younger generation went out on the town to continue their celebration. But not me.