Touring Turkey


Antalya Adenos Heirapolis

Antalya is a bustling, modern city on the Mediterranean. This location has made it a popular resort, although the beaches we saw were rocky, even by California standards.

The old city of Antalya surrounds this compact harbor. The minaret in the distance has an unusual fluted design, resembling many of the columns in the Roman cities that dot the neighborhood.

The only thing left of the city of Adenos is its theater. This picture shows the stage house of the theater, which is still used, particularly during the high tourist season.

If you were an actor, preparing to meet the audience, this would be your view, just before stepping into the lights. Of course there should be people in all those seats.

The town of Heirapolis may be best known for having a huge necropolis outside the city walls. All those sarcophogi failed the photogenic test, but this main street didn't.

The theater at Heirapolis shows the structure of its stage, with dozens of passages between the stage house and the arena area.

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