Touring Turkey


Aphrodisias Ephesus

Aphrodisias is a huge sprawling ruin. It has temples, theaters, agoras, an odion, and stately residences. This landscape hints at its scale.

Among other things in Aphrodisias, we have this huge hippodrome. This shows the passage for the entry of animals, chariots and other performers.

Ephesus is the most impressive of all the ruins we saw. It is also very popular with tourists. Here we see the Terrace Houses, an area of homes within the city. One of these homes is reconstructed in the Ephesus museum. It looks pretty comfortable.

The Apostle Paul personally taught here, and wrote letters to the Ephesians when he was away.

The classical Roman bath includes a tepidarium, a frigidarium, and a caldarium. This is the caldarium, showing the fireplaces to heat the water and send steam through the walls.

This little temple is dedicated to Hadrian.

Ephesus was known for its library, much of which still stands.

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